The first anniversary of Maureen’s death

Today I commemorate the first anniversary of my sister’s death that came about as the result of undiagnosed bone cancer. The past year has been very hard because of the anger the whirls up inside when I hear about the neglect of doctors who dismissed her complaints as being nothing. One doctor told her to go home and drink plenty of fluid, despite the fact that Maureen had gone to this doctor because she could neither eat nor drink.

Today is also the day in which Maureen entered into Eternal Life. I sincerely believe that Maureen is destined for a place in heaven, for no matter what shameful things she did during her life, there were also the things that showed that underneath she had a good heart and was motivated in the right direction. Also, my sister received the Last Rites and all of her sins were forgiven by God.

My sister had struggled with Bulimia Nervosa, but she had treatment and in the end she had another child, Paris, after she had returned to a more normal state. She worked as a nurse’s aide and she loved working with the elderly. This is the one who took in her nieces when they were thrown out of home by their father. She cared for my grandmother and she used to go there to help Nana with things such as her hair. When Nana was placed in a nursing home, Maureen continued her regular visits, and this continued right up until Nana passed away only a short time prior to her 99th birthday.

Maureen was too young to die, for she was only 52 years of age at the time of her death. Perhaps, if the doctors had taken her seriously, instead of pushing her away and telling her that nothing was wrong, she might be alive today, and I would not be sitting here worrying about Paris and Renee. I worry about Paris because she is only 15 years old and she has started dressing like a Goth. In this respect, Renee is not proving reliable in her guardianship of her sister.

So, at this point in time, rather than mourning my sister’s untimely death, I celebrate her life and all the good things that can be remembered about her existence. How many have looked after the elderly to the point of doing their mending? That was my sister.