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MRI urged for women at high risk of cancer

MRI urged for women at high risk of cancer – National – theage.com.au

Simone Filip is only 34, she has two sons, and has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. This is an indication that for this young woman the cancer is genetic.

There is a real need for younger women who are in the high risk category to have annual check ups in order to detect any cancer when it is at a very early stage. So far Simone has survived both of her cancer scares, but if she is denied the opportunity to have frequent MRI check ups because of government red tape then her outlook could become quite grim.

The problem with breast cancer is that the earlier the diagnosis, then the more aggressive is the cancer. It is, I believe something that has been ignored for too long and it is because it is ignored that too many young women are dying as a result of the disease.

Already we have seen the deaths of some very young actresses from this disease, and Belinda Emmett was only the latest, and by no means the first one who was relatively young. She had a high enough profile to be able to bring the MSM on board to help spread the word that breast cancer also kills women under 40, not just over 50s.

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