June Burns, euthanasia advocate kills herself

Euthanasia advocate takes life – National – smh.com.au

June Burns, aged 67 has killed herself via a lethal dose of Nembutal. The euthanasia campaigner had been a fellow advocate of Philip Nitschke, who has encouraged people who do not have a terminal illness to try and end their lives.

Mrs Burns had come to prominence as an advocate for euthanasia in 1999 when she appeared in an advertisement claiming that if she had been a dog then she would have been put down. At that stage she had allegedly been diagnosed with MS. Shortly after making the advertisement Mrs. Burns went into remission.

Philip Nitschke claims that the suicide proves that Mrs Burns had been genuine in her campaign, but for the rest of us, it is an indication that she probably was suffering an untreated form of depression.

The Queensland police are investigating the suicide, and personally I hope that charges will be laid against Phiip Nietschke.

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