Evaluating the Traffic Exchanges – What I like and what I dislike pt 1

My surfing habits have been keeping me from updating my blogs – now that is very bad. However, this has given me some fresh ideas about one way I can express myself, as I will start to evaluate the various traffic exchanges, especially their strengths and weaknesses. I will say right now that I like using a traffic exchange which will accept my blog, and in return does not accept the blogs that are full of profanity (this is one problem with surfing Blog Explosion).

The first Traffic Exchange that has really got me surfing is Royal Surf. In the short time that I have been a member, I have managed to surf more than 5000 pages. I have been on other exchanges for a longer period of time and am barely over 1000 or even 100 pages for that matter. So what did get me going with Royal Surf? It is the type of competition. However, since they changed the format I have not been so consistent.

Royal Surf is based upon the idea of participating in a joust. In the old game, which lasted a week, one had to surf to get a spot in the top teams. I was so competitive that I made it to the top Kingdom, which was Cavelot. Then they changed the game so that we now use more strategy. I must admit to getting a real buzz from making it into Cavelot and getting the bonus points at the end of the week. I did a lot of hard surfing to make my target. It was real fun.

The new game is one that involves more strategy. You have to plot a path from the top to the bottom of a map, and there are hidden things on the map. In my first attempt to get to the bottom of the page, I had a victory plus I had 4 bronze coins. I did not quite complete the second quest, but came very close and I had several bronze coins. A victory means that there are bonus points for every bronze coin that is found. I am not even close to being on the leader board because I am not a power surfer.

Anyway, I like the setup at Royal Surf, and I like playing the game. The statistics are not so hard to understand. As one surfs there are rewards in about every 20 or so pages – usually 3 bonus points, and that means if you surf about 100 pages you get roughly 20 bonus points per day. In my short time at the exchange I have amassed over 800 bonus points and I am keen to have a statistic that indicates more than 1000 bonus points.