Feminists ignore plight of Teddy Bear teacher – PC gone mad

Feminist group won’t take position on Teddy-Bear-Mohammed-Gate » Infidels Are Cool

The feminist group N.O.W. is proving once again why it is a morally bankrupt and spent political force due to  its failure to stand up and take a position in support of the British teacher who has been charged in Khartoum because the 7 year old children in her class named a teddy bear Mohammed.

By failing to support this teacher, the spokeswomen for N.O.W. have shown how political correctness has been allowed to go beserk. In this case the PC attitude has been bred from the fear of “offending Muslims”. If feminists were to show real courage then they would be standing up and speaking out against the way in which women are treated in Islamist countries and they would not be afraid of speaking up about the absurdity of Teddy-Bear-Mohammed Gate.

The boy who named the bear has the name Mohammed and none of the children in the classroom objected to the use of the name. Neither the teacher nor the children intended to denigrate the false prophet Mohammed with this action. It is, as another commenator stated, that the Sudanese have shown the insensibllity of this heightened sensitivity regarding Islam.

Just as N.O.W. has refused to speak out on behalf of the teacher, CAIR has also remained silent, whilst a truly moderate Muslim grroup in the USA has had the courage to speak up and has demanded the release of the woman in question.

If the woman is not released and the charge withdrawn, then she faces the pssibility of being found guilty of offending religion, and being sentenced to a whipping for what should be described as an imaginary offence.

As women, we should not be afraid to speak up against this form of oppression that is being faced by men and women in these Islamist countries. It is bad enough that in Saudi Arabia a rape victim can end up being sentenced to 200 lashes, over a false charge of adultery, but it is extreme when a teddy bear cannot be given what is an ordinary name in the M.E.  – Mohammed. The offence itself is imaginary, and not real, and it is for this reason that women everywhere should be standing up and protesting the actions of the Sudanese Islamist government.

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