The test increases miscarriage risks but it helps cheating women

Abortion fears over cheating women who use paternity tests to identify their baby’s father | Mail Online

In some ways I think that the development of this test is totally scandalous. It has been introduced as yet another reason for abortion. Since abortion has been liberalized it seems that women are no longer capable of thinking about the consequences of their actions prior to going ahead and cheating on their spouses or lovers.

In my view abortion on demand has always been a slippery slope, and from this same angle I see the pill in the same light. These are things that see women degrade themselves by indulging in illicit activity. They seem unable to bear the consequences of their own bad behaviour so they make the decision to abort the innocent life that has been created.

What is really wrong about the whole situation is the introduction of these paternity tests because they also increase the risk of miscarriage – especially when taking amniotic fluid.