Sadly, Mariana Bridi da Costa has passed away

20 year old Mariana Bridi da Costa was a model with a promising future, until she got an infection. Mariana was misdiagnosed with kidney stones, and she fell very ill on December 30, 2008. An attempt was made to save her life by amputating her hands and feet after she developed septicaemia. Sadly, Mariana had further complications, and her health continued to deteriorate.

The strange thing about this story is that late last year a friend of mine was holidaying in Greece when she was struck with a sudden illness, and she died from speicaemia. My friend was over 60, and Mariana was just 20.


One thought on “Sadly, Mariana Bridi da Costa has passed away

  1. ajlouny

    It’s so sad, she was so young and had a promising career. I was hoping that she would come out of this. My condolences are extended to her family.

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