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The Scandal of child brides

13-year-old Yemeni bride dies of bleeding | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

It is so sad to hear about yet another child who has been forced to marry, and who ends up dead. Who knows what took place after she was “married” to a 26 year old. What ever it was that happened this 13 year old child ended up in hospital bleeding from her genitals. She bled to death.

The point about this story is that there are some who are trying to stop the child bride practice, but there are others amongst the clerics who have proclaimed these people as apostates, and they have declared the legislation raising the age of marriage for a girl to 16 as unconstitutional.

Yemen is a very poor country… I could say that I can understand why there is so much poverty…. regardless, the people have been clinging to very old tribal customs including the bride price. These young girls are sold into marriage and even girls as young as 8 have been forced into these relationships.

I acknowledge that in the Medieval period it was accepted that little girls and young boys were betrothed to each other. The woman that we know as Mary Queen of Scots was married to the Dauphin of France at a very young age, but from what I have read I do not believe that the marriage was consummated. Unfortunately for these little girls, their marriages are consummated and they end up injured or dead, either from being forced into having sexual intercourse, or from attempting to give birth when their bodies are just not mature enough for the job. What is worse though, is that these girls will likely die when trying to give birth because of the lack of modern medical facilities that are needed for girls as young as 12 – the poor child in that story probably needed either a caesarian operation or she needed to have her waters broken. The poor child was probably exhausted from the effort, causing her unnecessary death.

It is a shame that the feminists continue to turn their backs on this situation. Screaming about abortion and contraception is not going to help these child brides. What is needed for these girls is a voice that will be strong in battling for their right not to be married off at such a young age.

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