Monthly Archives: November 2014

The World has gone mad

The world is in crisis. The real crisis is the situation in the Middle East and Africa which has seen the rise of militant Islam. Thousands have lost their lives to a bunch of cultist crazies.

Despite the fact that I have used the word cult to describe the Islamic State, I do know the truth and that is Islam as it was introduced by the false prophet Mohammed was always about killing anyone who did not agree with their point of view. Over the centuries various parts of Islam had moderated and many sects no longer believe in the violence. However, younger members of the family are influenced by the various preachers within Islam. It is these preachers who are an extreme threat for many Muslim families because the children run away and join ISIS without parental consent. This is what happened to one Australian family where the boys lied to their parents.

How can we stop this spread of such an extremist form of Islam? It will not be easy and it will not happen until people stop kowtowing to Muslims. We need to reject Sharia law. That means not allowing the spread of Islam via the schools. It also means not accepting the nonsense about halal foods. It means that we should have a say about whether or not it is ok to wear a burqa. I say No. However, I am happy for a Muslima to wear the hijab.

Once we stop the pandering to Muslims perhaps we can make some inroads into preventing the spread of the Islamic State.