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DOCS fails again

Govt received call for help for dead boy – Yahoo!7 News

This is yet another very sad case. The body of a two year old toddler was found in a pond in Sydney, by two boys last week. After discovering the identity of the child, the mother was taken in for questioning and has been charged with his murder. How very sad, that the mother could harm her child in this way.

Now it appears that DOCS had received a call for help regarding this child, but as usual for DOCS nothing was done to follow up the call. How many children in NSW will die before DOCS is forced to clean up their act.

This is not the first child who has been endangered, where DOCS has been notified that there is a problem, and nothing was done to protect the child.

I do not want to preempt anything relating to the case that is being brought against the mother of the little boy. She will go before the court and she will receive a fair hearing. She needed help but there was nothing offered to her. The way in which DOCS operates is not in the interests of the parents or the children, if a mother ends up murdering her child because she cannot get help.

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