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CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial but the celebration may be premature


Jihad Watch: CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial, but the celebration may be premature
The HLF verdict ended up as a mistrial because of jurors changing their minds after the initial verdict was made (were they paid off or threatened?). CAIR and those who were placed on trial are celebrating what they see as a victory, but as Jihad Watch observes, the victory celebration might be a little bit premature:

CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial, but the celebration may be premature

“War is deception” is, of course, a quote from Muhammad himself. “Motion For Retrial,” from Investor’s Business Daily (thanks to Doc Washburn):

Trail Of Terror: The Council on American-Islamic Relations is cheering a mistrial in a major terror case as a “stunning defeat” for the U.S. government. But the celebration may be premature.

Federal prosecutors say they’ll retry the case against leaders of the Holy Land Foundation, the nation’s largest Muslim charity, which they accused of funneling more than $12 million to Hamas terrorists.

CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the case, also cheered a similar outcome in a federal case against Muslim activist Sami al-Arian in Florida. As in the Holy Land case, jurors deadlocked on several terror counts. But prosecutors threatened a retrial and al-Arian later pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

He was defended by the same lawyer defending one of the accused Holy Land leaders, Ghassan Elashi, who happens to also be a founding member of CAIR.

Barring plea bargains, the U.S. will narrow its charges and refile them — hopefully with a new judge. U.S. District Judge Joe Fish barred key evidence helping prosecutors prove willful intent to support terror on the part of defendants.

For example, he threw out a dozen documents seized by the Israeli government in raids of Hamas fronts that would have tied the Dallas-based charity closer to the terror group. Fish also allowed defendants to intimidate jurors.

Not long after the trial opened, after a morning of testimony by government witnesses, a visibly angry Elashi shouted and pointed as jurors exited the courtroom for lunch. The judge scolded him for the outburst — which included a rant about “a Zionist conspiracy” — but decided not to kick him out of the courtroom.


No doubt they’ll streamline their evidence, highlighting the more powerful exhibits, including:

• FBI wiretaps of a meeting in Philadelphia between Holy Land and Hamas big shots in which Holy Land’s director is overheard scheming to disguise payments to Hamas as charity, noting that “war is deception.”

Testimony from FBI agents that Holy Land flew Hamas clerics to the U.S. to help raise funds at mosques.

• Videos of a Holy Land defendant pretending to kill an Israeli during a Hamas fundraising skit held at one mosque.

• Key chains, videos and posters praising suicide bombers found inside the Hamas front “committees” that Holy Land helped bankroll.

The defendants also kept two sets of records at their Dallas offices — one in English, the other in Arabic — which they destroyed during the FBI’s probe.

Lawyers for the accused expect us to believe that all this suspicious activity was merely an attempt to help needy Palestinians with “vaccinations” and “rice.” Civil juries haven’t fallen for the subterfuge.


The evidence is clear. Now it’s up to the PC-plagued Justice Department to present it to jurors in a way that doesn’t make their eyes glaze over. Retry the case. Only this time, don’t try their patience.


Cars burnt after Amsterdam death

The BBC News has a follow up report on the riots in Amsterdam. It is interesting to note that they specify that it is a very small group of Moroccan youths who are behind the trouble. The 22 year old who was killed after stabbing two police officers at a police station had been treated for psychiatric problems. The BBC also reports that this particular man had been questioned over his links to extremist Islamists who were linked to the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

It really does beg the question as to whether the riots themselves were planned in advance, and it should be made clear that those involved in this particular case are very much a minority in Holland. Nevertheless, they are behaving in the same way as the extremists in both Brussells and Paris in previous years, and the fact that the riot has taken place after the close of Ramadan remains significant.

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Martyrs for the Cause

This post is going to be a little bit controversial because I am going to start looking at what has rapidly become a threat to begin world war 111. We are at war with the Islamofacists. Yes that is the correct name for these Nazis who try to create the idea that their enemy are the Nazis, but the reality of the situation that has continued to exist in the Middle East points a finger directly at the terrorists who have been committing acts of murder-suicide.

This is not taking on all Muslims, but there will be Muslims who will be offended by what I have to say about Islam, as well as those who have been brainwashed into following the radical path. These people are not freedom fighters. They have another and more deadly goal, than that of seeking freedom for their people. Hezbollah for example, was set up in Lebanon by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard under the guidance of Ayatolla Khomeni. How can Iranians be freedom fighters in Lebanon? It is time to think about the implications of what is going on in Lebanon and elsewhere.

According to this radical Islam (which follows closely the tenets of Mohammed) all Jews and Christians are Kaffur and they deserve to die because they are the enemy of Islam. The message that is given to the adherents of this form of Islam is that the West is corrupt. There is a strong association being made between the USA and the West, and it seems that the dividing lines have been blurred to the point that these people erroneously believe that West also equals Christian. Osama Bin Laden speaks about the Jews and the Crusaders, and this is a reference to the fact that he is at war with Jews and Christians.

The young men are sent to training camps, where they are being indoctrinated to hate the the government of the country where they are residing. They are believers in the Umma, and therefore they see any attack upon an Arab who just happens to be Muslim is an attack on themselves. By preaching the idea of Umma the radical imams have been able to convince a whole generation of youthful men and women that they must participate and become martyrs for the cause.

The problem with this scenario happens to be that once again we see Islam stealing a term that does not belong to them, and through some warped process they have given the name “martyr” a new meaning. In Islamofacism, a martyr is a person who is prepared to kill others and self in order to make appeasement to an unknown God that they name as Allah. The God of Islamofacism is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their perception of God is clearly that of a Master/Slave, rather than a Father/Child. The difference is clearly identified in the Scriptures. The God of Islamofacism seems to be harsh, and he seems to require innocent victims to appease some perverted sense of blood-lust. This perversion has its beginnings with Mohammed, who from the fruits of his existence could not be a true prophet of God.