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What is the meaning of Life?

Is there any way in which we can answer something so philosophical as the meaning of life? I do not believe that there is one correct meaning because the word "Life" has many and varied meanings. However, to me the most significant meaning is Life equals the Holy Spirit within or Grace. When Scripture speaks of Life, it is not just what happens to our bodies, but the destination of our eternal souls. Are we on a journey that leads to Eternal Life, or have we made the choice to follow the path that leads to Eternal Death?

In our madcap world we have come to undervalue the actual word "Life", because some no longer recognize the role of God in our lives. Instead of recognizing that all life is precious, there are many who choose to ignore what it means to give birth to life as they make babies in the womb something that is a commodity to be thrown away.

We have come a long way since the decision of Roe vs. Wade. At the time that this case was decided most women who fell pregnant had their babies and either kept them and raised them, or they had them adopted out. Now it seems that when a teenager finds herself pregnant it is automatically assumed that she will want a termination. There is something very wrong when society has reached such a dismal point.

When a woman aborts her child within the womb she is removing something that belongs to her, but also does not belong to her. She is taking away a life that was granted to her by God, the creator. From the moment that her boyfriend's sperm has reached her egg and fertilized it, a new life has begun in earnest. Why then should doctors and nursing staff be offering abortions? Whatever happened to that oath to uphold life?

The decision of Roe vs. Wade has had other more severe consequences. It has, as predicted by many, led to the push for euthanasia on demand. The medical profession had surreptiously taken upon itself the role of deciding who had the right to live and who had a quality of life, according to the bioethicist definition, that meant that a person had no right to exist.

The end result of this push for euthanasia on demand has been the implementation of the Groningen Protocol in Holland, and cases such as Schindler vs. Schiavo, where a woman, who was not dying was put to death in what has been a test case for euthanasia on demand in the USA. There had been other cases prior to that of Terri Schiavo, but in this case the litigants went right to the top of the Supreme Court.

Terri was deemed not to have a quality of life because she was brain damaged. Her husband abused her psychologically for close to 15 years, parading his women before her, and locking her up so that she could not enjoy having visitors of her own choice. Her life was ended in a brutal fashion because her estranged adulterous husband lied about her wishes. Terri's life meant nothing to him.