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The World has gone mad

The world is in crisis. The real crisis is the situation in the Middle East and Africa which has seen the rise of militant Islam. Thousands have lost their lives to a bunch of cultist crazies.

Despite the fact that I have used the word cult to describe the Islamic State, I do know the truth and that is Islam as it was introduced by the false prophet Mohammed was always about killing anyone who did not agree with their point of view. Over the centuries various parts of Islam had moderated and many sects no longer believe in the violence. However, younger members of the family are influenced by the various preachers within Islam. It is these preachers who are an extreme threat for many Muslim families because the children run away and join ISIS without parental consent. This is what happened to one Australian family where the boys lied to their parents.

How can we stop this spread of such an extremist form of Islam? It will not be easy and it will not happen until people stop kowtowing to Muslims. We need to reject Sharia law. That means not allowing the spread of Islam via the schools. It also means not accepting the nonsense about halal foods. It means that we should have a say about whether or not it is ok to wear a burqa. I say No. However, I am happy for a Muslima to wear the hijab.

Once we stop the pandering to Muslims perhaps we can make some inroads into preventing the spread of the Islamic State.


The age of 11 is too young for sexual activity

Yemeni Bride, 11, Hospitalized with Genital Injuries – ABC News

A few weeks ago a 13 year old girl died as a result of injuries to her genital area. It seems that she was raped by her adult husband. The man is now in custody, but I will bet that he is allowed to go free. This is because of the attitude of the Yemeni mullahs who actually condone child brides…. after all Mohammed came from Yemen and he married Aisha when she was 6 years old, and he had sex with her when she was 9 years old. That poor child.

Now I learn about yet another child bride who has been raped by her husband. She has been hospitalized with genital injuries. When will this end? These girls are way too young for this kind of sexual contact. If these men want to prove themselves then they really should be having brides over the age of 18. However, we are talking about the very backward country of Yemen, a country that is backward because it is controlled by a theocracy.

Some of the women of Yemen are beginning to fight back. They want to see an end to the practice of child brides. What is the use of parents agreeing to such an arrangement on the promise that the child will not be touched until she is more “mature”, only to find their daughters fighting for their lives within days of their marriage?

The infant and maternal mortality rate in Yemen is also quite high, again because these children are being forced to have sex and then end up pregnant. Their young bodies can hardly sustain a pregnancy, let alone going through labour. Yemen is not the kind of country where women have the best of conditions in order to have a baby, and I doubt that there are many if any Caesarian sections being performed. Their small and immature vaginas are simply not big enough for the process of birthing.

We women of the west need to take up this fight to stop the marriage of these children. We need to stand by the women in the Saana movement and protest the fact that child bride marriages are encouraged. These women need to face mullahs who are themselves misogynists. Let us stand beside them and say “no more child brides” !!!!  No more sacrificing of these children who are too young to be married and too young to be giving birth.

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Polish President and top officials die in plane crash

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — He died en route to the most sensitive mission possible — a visit to the place that has driven a wedge between Poles and Russians for three generations.

The death of Lech Kaczynski, Poland’s president and dozens of his high-level countrymen in a plane crash, and the purpose behind the journey, laid bare the deep divisions that remain between two nations still struggling to be more than uneasy neighbors who watch each other with skepticism and suspicion.

Saturday’s planned visit to the Katyn forest was somber in purpose but underscored his suspicious eye of the massive neighbor and former taskmaster to the east. The memorial service was to mark the 70th anniversary of the killing of thousands of Polish officers and intellectuals by the Soviet secret security during World War II.

Katyn. The site of the massacre of Polish military officers, priests, shopkeepers. Men shot in the back of the head by Josef Stalin’s NKVD, the precursor of the KGB.

“It is an accursed place,” former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski told TVN24 after the crash.

Janusz Bugajski of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said that Saturday’s crash has put Katyn at the center of Polish-Russian relations.

“It brought to the forefront again an event that Moscow would like to forget or, if not to forget, to sideline,” he said, noting that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took a significant step by attending the Katyn commemorations last Wednesday with Polish counterpart Donald Tusk.

The ancient city of Smolensk has long played a significant and somewhat symbolic role in Russian-Polish relations.

Russian and Polish rulers fiercely fought over it for centuries, as well as over other contested territories in today’s Ukraine and Belarus, and the Russian takeover of the city in the mid-17th century preceded Moscow’s takeover of eastern Polish lands.

Earlier this week, Poles took deep satisfaction in Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s presence at the memorial for the 22,000 killed there.

The Scandal of child brides

13-year-old Yemeni bride dies of bleeding | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

It is so sad to hear about yet another child who has been forced to marry, and who ends up dead. Who knows what took place after she was “married” to a 26 year old. What ever it was that happened this 13 year old child ended up in hospital bleeding from her genitals. She bled to death.

The point about this story is that there are some who are trying to stop the child bride practice, but there are others amongst the clerics who have proclaimed these people as apostates, and they have declared the legislation raising the age of marriage for a girl to 16 as unconstitutional.

Yemen is a very poor country… I could say that I can understand why there is so much poverty…. regardless, the people have been clinging to very old tribal customs including the bride price. These young girls are sold into marriage and even girls as young as 8 have been forced into these relationships.

I acknowledge that in the Medieval period it was accepted that little girls and young boys were betrothed to each other. The woman that we know as Mary Queen of Scots was married to the Dauphin of France at a very young age, but from what I have read I do not believe that the marriage was consummated. Unfortunately for these little girls, their marriages are consummated and they end up injured or dead, either from being forced into having sexual intercourse, or from attempting to give birth when their bodies are just not mature enough for the job. What is worse though, is that these girls will likely die when trying to give birth because of the lack of modern medical facilities that are needed for girls as young as 12 – the poor child in that story probably needed either a caesarian operation or she needed to have her waters broken. The poor child was probably exhausted from the effort, causing her unnecessary death.

It is a shame that the feminists continue to turn their backs on this situation. Screaming about abortion and contraception is not going to help these child brides. What is needed for these girls is a voice that will be strong in battling for their right not to be married off at such a young age.

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Thalidomide effect mystery solved

The mechanism by which thalidomide causes birth defects including malformed limbs is revealed by scientists.

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It has been many years since Dr. McBride in breakthrough research showed that thalidomide was responsible for birth defects, but he did not know what caused the actual defects.

Thalidomide was used as a morning sickness drug (and I am glad it was not around when I was pregnant and sick every day with my three sons). As a result of this use of thalidomide hundreds of children were born without limbs. It was Dr. McBride who determined that thalidomide was the cause of the defect. Of course years later, when he tried to do the same with another morning sickness drug, Debendox ( this is the one that I used and my children did not have any defects), he ended up being disgraced because of his desire to find in favour of the parents. By perjuring himself that there was a link, he did himself irreparable harm.

Now, however, researchers have taken the next step and they have discovered what causes the birth defects, and by making that discovery they now have the opportunity to find a safer alternative to thalidamide which is apparently useful in fighting some cancers.

As a woman though, I still see all of these drugs as dangerous to the unborn.

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Warning – Bullying is a health hazard

Schoolgirl Poppy Bracey found hanged amid claims she was bullied for being pretty | Mail Online

First of all my condolences to Poppy’s parents because they are the ones who have lost something very precious as a result of what seems to be the bullying of a very beautiful girl.

The Mail online reports that Poppy’s left the following messages online after Poppy could not take any more of the bullying and hanged herself:

Friends at 1,000-pupil Lowton High School, in Leigh, posted a series of messages on internet sites claiming Poppy was being picked on.

One, at the specialist sports college where former pupils include Ting Tings singer Katie White, said: ‘This poor girl was apparently being bullied at Lowton High School and has sadly ended her own life by hanging herself.’

Another said: ‘Why would someone want to bully her?? Apart from jealousy.’

Hannah Manley wrote ‘It’s so sad to see what caused your death a bunch of pathetic low lifes who had bullied you to make themselves feel better. You are soo pretty and I pray you’re so much happier up in heaven Poppy.

Kayleigh Midgley said: ‘You were stunning what a shame. Hope the b******s feel so guilty.’

Sue Higson said: ‘Poppy you are an angel, hope you are resting in peace, and smiling down to your family and friends, who are missing you everyday.

‘God only takes the best young, you are in Heaven, and this must be hell for your family without you, Someday you will all be together.’ 

Poppy was in foster care and living in Leigh, at the time of her death.

Nick Hudson, council executive director for Children and Young People’s Services, said: ‘Poppy’s untimely and tragic death has shocked and saddened many people.

Read more:

Those of us who went through bullying at school know that it is so hard to remove all of the scars. Being bullied for being pretty is really just the tip of the iceberg. It can happen to those of us who are highly intelligent. I should add here that it is not just the “classmates” who indulge in the bullying. Teachers, even form teachers can also be participants in that form of bullying.

I know what it is like because I used to cry a lot as a result of the constant bullying and it was at home, not just at school where I was being constantly bullied by other family members. However, it is the teacher who was my form mistress when I was Poppy’s age that caused a lot of psychological damage with her particular form of bullying. I am not ashamed to admit that I hated that woman. I do not need to go into detail about what she did to me, but instead I will write about another situation, that was the culmination of jealous actions. It is true that I was very bright, and in primary school I was at the top of my class. I was never very happy at school, and in fact I was a very sensitive person. This in itself led to bullying by both boys and girls at the primary school. Well, as it turned out I got ahead of two girls who had been in my class when I started school – one of them was kept down a year, and I had been put up a year. The incident happened in my second year of high school. I was never very good at sewing and it transpired that the girls in my class wanted to make fun of my sewing attempts and they grabbed my stuff and ran off with it. I chased after them, and as I did so, a girl, the one who had been kept down a year was on the stairs as I went to head down them, she put out her foot and tripped me up. As a result of that incident I ended up with a sprained ankle…. in fact I ended up with a long history of sprains to my ankle… and now I have arthritis in my feet. That year and in short succession I sprained that same ankle 3 times. As a result the ligaments of my ankle remained weak and in those days we did not get physiotherapy for sprains. It caused a lifetime of damage, and it is because of the actions of a school bully that I suffered those sprains.

Of course bullying happens in other environments as well. It happens in the workplace, and it is often used as a means to force people to resign. This is precisely what happened when I worked in the Australian Public Service. The difference is that the bullying was more subtle, but it was targeted. I was a witness to the bullying that took place. In one case a man was being ostracized by his superiors because they wanted him to resign. I was told it was because he was too rigid in his ways. I was not allowed to talk to him, and got into trouble for talking to this man. Truly such actions are disgraceful and I believe that the woman behind the campaign should have been disciplined and removed from the Public Service because of what she was doing to staff members. In another case the victim of the bullying was a woman who was deaf. The whole episode was really sick, but the bullies were due to get a promotion. Instead of being punished for their actions… they were promoted!!  I should point out that other members of staff who were targeted by this manager did say things behind her back. I do not blame them for what they implied.

Young Poppy is not alone when it comes to bullying. I just wish someone had been able to talk to her about what was happening and in recent months there has been a spate of these suicides brought on because of the actions of bullies. Poppy was indeed a very beautiful girl. What a shame that this beautiful child was in foster care because it must have made her feel even more alone than if she had the comfort and security of being able to talk to her parents about what the bullies were doing to her.

It is time to take a stand against those who act cruelly towards others because of jealousy. Let’s see an end to all forms of bullying, and especially school bullies. It is time that teachers got off their butts and took positive action against the real bullies – instead of against the victims.

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It is Euthanasia and it echoes the Schindler-Schiavo case

Eluana Englao, a vivacious young woman has allegedly been in a PVS since a care crash in 1992. She receives nourishment through a feeding tube (in other words she is breathing on her own). Her father claims that Eluano was opposed to being kept alive artificially, but in reality what does that mean? The provision of food and water through a feeding tube can hardly be called keeping a person artificially alive. On the other hand, I would argue that being hooked to a machine to help the person breathe, or keep the heart pumping is a different matter and would fall under the “keeping someone artificially alive” rule.

I have not seen a lot about this case. I do not know if this woman had the same level or ability as Teri (even though the MCS of Teri was denied). Therefore, I cannot comment upon certain aspects of this case.

What the court did in this case is also wrong because unless this is a written request no one can say for certain that she would not want to be fed. Regardless, where I object to the proposals is the claim that once the tubes are withdrawn Miss Englaro would not feel a thing. That is an outright lie and it is one that needs to be consistently challenged until people understand the precise pain of someone who is healthy being forced to die in such a fashion. Forcing someone to become dehydrated is totally inhuman and expecting the person to last up to two weeks in that conditions is extremely cruel.

Well, the Italian government has stepped in again in an effort to stop the murder by cruelty of this young woman. This action will cause problems in Italy because the President is opposed to the action but the Parliament will continue to move to prevent the murder taking place.

If we have learned anything from the shabby way that Teri Schindler was treated by her adulderous, murderous husband it is the fact that death by dehydration and starvation is anything but pretty. It is a disgusting way to die and it should be opposed.

If this woman had been hooked to breathing apparatus and the removal meant a quick death because she could not breathe on her own then that would be a very different story.